Patrick J. Payne, a native of New York, specializes in beautiful handcrafted wearable art and accessories. Since 1995, Payne has designed cutting edge clothing and accessories. His current collection focuses on a new era of retro fashions that emphasize classic styles of the past paired with today's fashion. Each piece he creates is an original work of art which Payne considers "timeless fashion".


With a love for denim, leather and exotic skins, Payne's designs include wearable art clothing such as tops, jackets, skirts, belts, corsets, leg warmers, handbags and bracelets as well as reconstructed shoes and boots. His designs feature avant-garde materials and antique findings, making each piece unique and personally expressive.


In an industry of "what’s new today is old tomorrow '', Payne's wearable art has no expiration date. When asked what he likes most about his art, Payne says "the attention people get when they ' re walking down the street , heads turn and ask, where can I get one?"

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